FAQ + Jewelry Care

What artist mediums and materials are your products made of?

BossiRainbow wearable art is made of mixed-mediums such as artist-grade professional polymer, stainless steel ear posts (for many of our earrings), resin, and brass, copper, gold-filled, and/or sterling silver wire. Some of our pieces include acrylic paint and/or gold or silver leafing.  Our hand-mixed clay pieces may also include glitter and/or mica powders embedded within the clay or on the clay surface. All of the mediums used for each wearable art piece is listed in the product description.  Due to all of our pieces being handmade by artists, no two pieces are exactly the same. Some pieces may have minuscule air bubbles and/or light fingerprints, which means it is authentically handmade by an artist.

What metals do you use in your jump rings, wire-wrapping, and/or ear posts/hooks?

Our jump rings are hand-wrapped and cut, thus may be made of either brass, copper, gold-filled, and/or sterling silver wire, among other wires.  All of the metals used in a wearable art piece are listed within the full product description. 

We use hypoallergenic surgical steel earring posts in all of our wearable art earrings.  However, please contact us if you have a specific metal allergy, and we will work with you to adapt or create something special for you. 

How should I care for my wearable art pieces?

Treat your wearable art pieces as you would your fine jewelry, with tenderness, love, and care. Our art materials are durable, but could break if dropped or bent. 

Clean clay surfaces with a soft damp cloth and dry immediately.  Take care on surfaces that include acrylic paint, gold/silver leaf, or glitter/mica powder, as these surfaces may rub off with vigorous or repetitive cleaning.  Clay should not be submerged in water or other liquids for any length of time. Thus, we highly recommend not wearing your wearable art pieces during showers, baths, and/or swimming, etc. 

Clean metal surface with a jewelry cloth to reduce any tarnishing and/or remove oils transferred from your skin. While most metal will naturally tarnish and patina over time due to oxidation, oils, sprays, creams, and lotions may speed up this process. 

We recommend you keep our wearable art pieces in a lidded box and/or away from direct sunlight and other areas of high temperatures, to ensure safety and reduce opportunities for the pieces to be damaged or broken. 

All of our wearable art pieces are packaged in a sturdy jewelry box. 

What if my wearable art is damaged?

The polymer clay we use is very pliable and durable, and some clay colors may bake harder than others. If your wearable art pieces become significantly damaged due to shipping mishandling, an accident, or other unforeseeable event, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve it. 

Can I order a custom made wearable art piece or special set?

We’d love to work with you to create a custom made wearable art piece or special set! Please contact us with your interests and any of our pieces that inspire your vision. 

We can also create special gift sets for that unique soul in your life and/or for your special events like weddings, baby showers, and reunions, for example.

How do I sign up to the email newsletter?

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Shipping your wearable art pieces

BossiRainbow uses sturdy, recyclable packaging to ship your wearable art pieces to your preferred address. Please make sure that you enter the correct shipping address and information. If there is an issue with varying your address, we will contact you via email to confirm the details. The shipping address you enter during check out is the address that will be used for the shipping label.


We recommend that you DO NOT allow any children or pets to play with, wear or chew on your wearable art pieces. Our products are not made for teething and may become damaged if chewed on; this is also a potential choking hazard. DO NOT leave children or pets unattended around your wearable art pieces.  Remember, to care for your pieces as you would care for your fine jewelry, with tenderness, love, and care.